how to adjust door closer

 Door closer adjustment requires patience, information, and capacity on the ladder a few times; however, with these qualities and the appropriate hex key, wrench, or screwdriver, you can do it yourself. This article is about adjusting the most common door closer, yet before that, let’s consider the most common issues that happen and influence

Steps on how to fix a hole in a door

A hole in your door can never go unnoticed thus, you need to fix it as soon as possible. Doors give your house or office space an appealing look, and the last thing you need is someone peeping through the hole or get it to expand in such a way that you will need to

how to install a sliding screen door

Sliding screen doors come in numerous sizes as well as varieties. Furthermore, it is perfect for window stores, hardware, and home improvements. First, you need to know that a sliding screen door is responsible for letting in the fresh air without debris or bugs. On the other hand, it gives room for the escape of

how to fix a sagging door

 The news that your door is sagging isn’t delightful. However, that is something you should not worry about that. Spare six minutes of your time to learn about the easiest ways to fix a sagging. The worst thing about sagging doors is that if you ignore them, they will bring about more issues that