how to install a sliding screen door

Sliding screen doors come in numerous sizes as well as varieties. Furthermore, it is perfect for window stores, hardware, and home improvements. First, you need to know that a sliding screen door is responsible for letting in the fresh air without debris or bugs.

On the other hand, it gives room for the escape of cooking and cleaning odors, which enhances air circulation in the house. When it comes to installation, many people usually worry about achieving this, not knowing it is not complicated.

However, installing a sliding screen door takes a short duration to complete, and it is secure. If you are not sure of installing a sliding screen door, do not worry anymore since this article will take you through several steps on how to achieve this perfectly well.

Bear in mind that installing your sliding screen door plays a vital role in meeting your demands effectively and efficiently. This means you will have to be keen to end up with something quality.


Before you commence installing your sliding screen door, you need to know that there are essential tools you would require. These include:

  • A pencil
  • Cordless drill plus Philips bit
  • Flathead driver
  • Philips screwdriver

how to install a sliding screen door

Step 1: Make sure that you measure the width and height of your sliding screen door. Moreover, a glass door of a standard size goes at 8 inches high and 6 feet. It can also come with a measurement of 11 inches 8 feet 0r 6 feet in height.

Step 2: When you are through, make an effort of visiting specialty shops, improvement home suppliers, and hardware stores for doors and windows. Bear in mind that there are several colors, finishes, roller devices, screening, and frames in the market. However, you must show the storekeepers the features you are looking for and the appropriate measurements.

Step 3: Take your time and remove the sliding screen door out of its packaging. Ensure that you do not use the knife since you can accidentally scratch the knife or even cut your screen mesh. It is also appropriate that you use scissors and tin snips when necessary to avoid any unnecessary damages.

Step 4: You must note that the screen door should always be located outside your sliding screen door. It would help if you held your door on the sides of the frame using your hands. Moreover, keep the screen door top parallel to your glass door. On the other hand, locate the top wheels on your door frame outer track.

Step 5: Against the upper track, hold your top roller and push your door for the upper wheel retraction, enabling the lower wheel to set over your track. When you are through carefully position the entire lower rollers on your track.

Step 6: You can opt to use Aluma-Lub or Silicone spray on the wheels and bottom track necessary for smooth sliding, instead you struggling whenever you need to open the door.

Step 7: It is ideal for adjusting the roller, but only if it is necessary. Note that a door that is too minimal is likely to fall off your track. Additionally, if it is of great height, you will have a problem with sliding since it will not be easy to slide. You must also understand that the sliding screen door comes with screws for adjustment situated inside your vertical frame or over your vertical frame. Make a turn clockwise with Philips screwdriver to enable you to push the wheel on the outer side and raise your door. Furthermore, you can also opt to make the clockwise turns for the wheel retraction and lower your door. Ensure that you achieve this pretty well since it will determine how well your sliding screen door installation has been performed.


Based on the above information, you are now familiar with how to install a sliding door screen. Thus, I hope you shall implement the steps mentioned above to end up with the best installation that will make you more satisfied. I hope that this article will be helpful to understand how to install a sliding screen door.

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