Steps on how to fix a hole in a door

A hole in your door can never go unnoticed thus, you need to fix it as soon as possible. Doors give your house or office space an appealing look, and the last thing you need is someone peeping through the hole or get it to expand in such a way that you will need to replace it.

A hole door repair is one of the easiest DIY maintenance hacks that you can do if you have all the tools and materials you need. If not, the service of a handyman would be the best way to go about it instead of repairing what you have at your disposal.


What are some of the tools and materials that you need? They include the following:

  • 1. Sandpaper
  • 2. Paint and paintbrush
  • 3. A sharp utility knife
  • 4. Filler
  • 5. Piece of dry cloth
  • 6. Rugs or newspapers
  • 7. Aerosol foam insulation

Steps involved

Step 1: prepare the floor and door surface

While you repair the door hole, you certainly do not want to mess your floor or door with aerosol or paint. Using your newspapers or rugs, cover the floor and surrounding door surfaces such as the locks, hinges, and knobs. While you repair the door hole, the last thing you need is to scrub these surfaces off any spills that may render them damaged. Carefully cover them and have all the tools you will be using nearby.

Step 2: prepare the door hole for repair

Once you cover the floor and door surfaces, you may now start to work on getting the hole fixed. It should be fun for you since you have all the equipment and material you need for a successful repair. The first thing you need to do is mark the hole area and make sure any sharp edges around the door hole are trimmed using your utility knife and smoothed with sandpaper. While doing so, be careful not to expand the hole while cutting these edges. Once you are done cutting the edges and smooth enough, take the remaining newspaper and fill it inside the hole. It ensures that you fill the hole before you insulate it. There should be no overlying newspaper cuts outside the door, and if any, make sure you trim them off. Also, do not stuff the newspapers too much but use a light fill for an even job.

Step 3: Fun insulation

After you fill the hole with the newspaper, you may proceed to insulate your low-pressure aerosol foam. Do not rush spraying the aerosol but instead take your time for a thorough job. You need to have a central position starting point for a complete seal and let the aerosol settle and dry after 20 minutes. While you spray, any excess of it should be trimmed before you get to use your filler. This is because you need an even surface that can only be achieved by trimming excess newspapers and aerosol form on the hole. Trim the aerosol only when dry using your knife and fill with your hand if there are any bumpy surfaces.

Step 4: Add filler and scrub

The filler acts as a complete sealant on the hole. While you shop for one, make sure its compatible and will not corrode the door material or wood used. Take a proportional scoop of the filler and apply evenly to the dry aerosol form area where the hole was. Be careful not to apply on any other door surface since once it dries on it, you will need to scrub it off. Applying the filler will be easy for you if you had marked the hole area since you will not have any excess on the door. Once you are done, you need to let it dry before using your sandpaper to scrub any excess of it. Drying should take 15-20 minutes, and after the wait, use your sandpaper for an even scrub, and the smooth surface feels.

Step 5:Paint your success.

Now that you have successfully repaired the hole and sealed it, you need to paint the area to match the door color. You should have bought paint and a brush for the job which will be the last step for a successful door hole repair. Ensure that you are painting a dry surface that is even and smooth so that you do not have a bumpy look once you are done. You may use an undercoat first before you proceed to paint the door color for a more appealing look. Paint the door hole area plus the marked surface that you used for easy visibility. Let the paint dry and get rid of the newspaper cuttings and rugs that you had placed on the floor and door.

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